Finding love in the pain

I live With Rare disease Which often I’m in chronic pain. I’ve been living with us since I was seven and now I’m turning 34 so more than half my life . When I say chronic pain; it’s either migraines, seizures, joint pain, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, Anxiety, quality-of-life, depression, PTSD, just dealing with life. And I found that if I can find more things should be grateful for then to not be grateful for that’s a reason to keep on keeping on. Now hard thing is is to try and find love in all of this, and it’s not that hard August when you’re in the midst of it but if you can still find joy and laughter and you’re better off than 95% of the people of today that have regular lives and not have to deal with chronic pain and Hemei happiness is free!


Post it notes and love

Today I wrote post it notes and positive words on them and put them all over my TV I used to write on my mirror in my bathroom at my old home yet here I am limited because I am not able because I am in a wheelchair so I did the next best thing I knew how to do post it notes and put them on my TV where I can reach it because it is a flat screen and close to m or rather I where I can reach!!! I am one of those people who believe that just because one says it yet doesn’t do it means that they really don’t want it. Yes I did not always get this yet I am got it now and now is better than latter!!!

Woke up today and said…

Am I going to make this a great day or a pity party day? After turning to my side bc my backside stated to hurt from lying on it all night. I decided I was going to make the best of it because I have only have only so many pity parties left in my life time and since I’m not planning on going into space anytime soon I rethought my life story and turned to my other side and fell back to sleep. After awakening my body was still hurting but my attitude changed and just that simple change made a huge difference in my life story I saved a pity party for a really really hard day in my life story and this to me is a big feet it might mean nothing to you, but for me it meant I choose life over pain. That means I got some more of my life story back to live on❣️❣️❣️to do what ever I want. This for me is big it’s bigger then eternity❣️🎨🦋🎶